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welcome fall {free printable}

October has arrived and with it the promise of all things fall. The promise of colder weather and a reason to wear the boots, comfy sweaters, and hoodies that have been hiding all summer. The promise of longer, darker evenings perfect for snuggling on the couch with a hot drink and a good book or old movie. The promise of leaves turning from green into a beautiful rainbow of red, yellow, and orange. The promise of the Christmas season just around the corner.

This is my favorite time of the year. I love the beautiful weather and look forward each year to trading in my shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters. I love baking delicious pumpkin goodies and smelling the fall spices waft through my kitchen. I love the campfires, the pumpkin-picking, the football, the beautiful transformation it brings to the world around us. There’s just something about this month and the warm feelings and happy times it promises to bring with it.

Please enjoy this free printable. It’s a quote by L.M. Montgomery from her book (one of my favorites), Anne of Green Gables. It expresses my sentiment perfectly. as her writing often does. I hope it brings a little fall happiness into your home! Just click on the print below.

Happy October!


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