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Hillary’s hypocrisy & the value of children


I’ve never really been one to speak out about political happenings. And that is especially true this year since I don’t really feel comfortable publicly pledging my support for either candidate. But there has been one thing that has particularly disturbed me this entire election season. And that is Hillary’s incredible¬†hypocrisy when it comes to her position on the value and the rights of children. I feel like I have to get my thoughts written down or I just might explode. So you get to be my lucky audience! I really want everyone to stop and consider what I’m going to say despite your choice of candidate or your political party.

This commercial has been playing for the past few months:

So, what can you conclude from the commercial above? Hillary cares about children. Every single child. They have the right to a bright future, to live up to their potential, to possibilities, to hope. It doesn’t matter to whom they’re born or where they’re born.

Now watch these short clips:

So what then can we conclude from these two clips? That unborn babies have no constitutional rights. That the decision about their life or their death rests on the mother’s choice and let’s hope they make a thoughtful one.

Now let me pose a few scenarios to you:

Let’s say you’re trying desperately to have a baby. It’s been months and months and months. Then one day, you see two lines on that pregnancy test. What are your feelings? Excitement, shock, joy, and elation at the thought of the new life inside of you. Oh, wait, no. You don’t feel any of those things. You think, “Wow, I sure wish there was actually a baby in there. But it’s just a fetus. Not a growing and living human life. Can’t get excited until I deliver in 9 months.” Is that how you would think?!

You’re going to your 10 week ultrasound. You stare in amazement at a little baby with a teeny tiny body squirming around. You can see it’s little heart beating and even hear it! You’re about to tell all your family and friends your amazing news. They’re ecstatic for you! Oops, I mean they don’t even care. Why would they be excited about a ten week old fetus with no life and no value? They’ll be ecstatic for you but not until they come and visit the new baby in the hospital, because then it’s a real baby with life and value. How would you feel if your family said those things to you?

You and your husband walk in for your 20 week ultrasound. You’re going to find out today if the baby is a boy or a girl! But the doctor looks at you with a frown and tells you there’s something wrong with the baby. It can be fixed with a in-utero procedure but it is difficult and expensive. So there’s really no point in doing it, he says. That baby in there isn’t really living and it has no rights and no real value, so let’s not bother with the life saving procedure. What would you do if your doctor said those things to you?!

If you have a child, you already know the answers to the questions above. No, you wouldn’t think like that. You would be heartbroken if your family responded to your happy news that way. You would be appalled if your doctor wasn’t willing to perform the life saving procedure.

But that’s because you LOVE your baby and WANTED your baby. So what if a mother doesn’t¬†want her baby? Then it’s okay, right? It’s okay for you to say that there isn’t a life growing inside of a woman when she sees a positive pregnancy test. It’s okay for you to say that a ten week old baby with a heartbeat and little toes and fingers has no value. It’s okay for a woman’s doctor to tell her that there’s no real life growing inside of her. DO YOU SEE THE HYPOCRISY IN THIS? Please tell me you see it. We’re saying that the value of a child is based solely on how the mother FEELS ABOUT HER CHILD!

So no, Hillary doesn’t care about the rights of children no matter who they’re born to or where they’re born. It’s exactly the opposite. Because she’s saying that the child’s right to live is based solely on who that child is born to. It’s not fair. It’s heartbreaking and it’s downright wrong.

I can’t vote for a woman who devalues the life of children. A woman who says children deserve hope in life but only after they’ve been born. A woman who says that a mother’s choice trumps a child’s chance at life. A woman who says that government shouldn’t be involved in protecting the life of babies but should be involved in your healthcare, who you’re willing to do business with, and whether or not your school allows both genders to use your bathroom. That thought process is only the beginning of a very a slippery slope.

Think about it, friends. Don’t just soak in what the media tells you because they don’t tell you the whole story. Don’t take what Hillary is saying at face value because she lies. Research, read, look into it. Know what you’re actually voting for not what the TV tells you you’re voting for.

That’s it. I’m off my soapbox.

And I thank God everyday that He’s in control no matter how out of control the world looks.




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