introducing bella paper co.

Good afternoon!

I thought I’d take some time today to introduce you all to my newest little venture- also known as Bella Paper Co.

Before I got married last June, I scoured Etsy for the perfect invitation. After some serious searching, I found a design that I thought fit our wedding’s theme perfectly. The shop owner customized it for me and then sent me the digital copy. As my wedding date approached, I began thinking about all the other printed items I would need for my wedding. I wanted everything to match and also tie in with our invitations. (a little OCD, I won’t deny it) So what to do? I returned to Etsy but found it difficult to find what I wanted. I couldn’t find anything in our colors or something that coordinated with our invitations and I quickly learned that a custom design far exceeded what was left of my wedding budget. So, for lack of a better option, I decided I’d try and create something myself. I downloaded the trial version of the most popular design program and set to work.

I was able to create everything I wanted for my wedding in coordinating colors and design and it even matched my invitations…score! And so my wedding came and went, and I started designing some invitations for friends and family every so often. Then I created some designs for another wedding. As I practiced, I really started to enjoy it. And so with a little encouragement from my mom, I decided to try to make a little business out of it. And that’s how Bella Paper Co. was born!

Please take a few minutes to stop by my Etsy shop. There’s lots of customizable designs on there but I also love to do custom work! If you find yourself in the position I was in before my wedding – wanting something very specific with no luck in finding it – then look no further! I’d be glad to create something that matches your vision perfectly.

Scroll down for a few examples of the work I’ve done for weddings. Visit my Etsy shop to scroll through my other designs! Thanks for stopping by!




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