Favorite Friday: January edition

Happy Friday! For today’s post, I’m bringing you a round up of my favorite things from this past month. January tends to be a kind of “blah” month in my opinion…cold and dreary days spent cooped up in the house while getting caught up on post-christmas to-do lists. Even so, the month has flown by, and here are a few things that have brought some cheer and/or made my life just a little bit easier this January.


ONE) This ridiculously comfy hoodie from Target. I added this hoodie to my Christmas list after seeing it online just because I was looking for something somewhat stylish to throw on with sweatpants. But, seriously, I had no idea how soft and comfy it would be. And it’s got just enough flowiness to hide those post-baby inperfections. I would wear this thing every day, all day if I could. Also, it’s on clearance today so go buy one (or two or three) before they’re gone!

TWO) This dust buster from Black n’ Decker. You can roll your eyes all you want, but this thing has made my life so much easier. All the little dust bunnies that collect in the corners or those inevitable crumbs after mealtime with a baby…this thing gets rid of them in five seconds flat. Instead of pulling out my broom or the corded vacuum, I just walk around with this thing for a few minutes and DONE. Be gone dust bunnies and never ending crumbs.

THREE) This wallet from 31. Not only is this wallet super cute (and comes in lots of fun colors), it fits all of my credit card, gift cards, store cards, etc. while still leaving room for my phone. I love this thing because I can throw it in my diaper bag and just pull it out if I’m going somewhere without my baby.

FOUR) My new straightening brush…I LOVE this thing. I commented recently on my cousin’s very smooth yet still very natural-looking hair. She credited the look to this straightening brush and I knew I had to have one. At over $100, it’s a bit pricey, but it goes on sale every once in awhile and I scored mine for just $39. This thing straightens my [very thick] hair in less than 5 minutes while keeping a soft look (not that unnatural stick-straight thing a straightening iron usually does). Best purchase of the month, hands down!

FIVE) This book about the group of people we know as the Pilgrims that sailed to America on the Mayflower. Lover of history or not, this book is incredibly interesting and provides so many details that you never learned in school. I credit this book, right here, to keeping my life in perspective this month. Anytime I was tempted to complain about having to chase around my way-too-busy baby all day or the dog hair on my couch, I thought about the characters in this book. Except they weren’t characters but real live people who lived through the victories but more often horrors and sorrow recorded in One Small Candle.

SIX) The Lose it! App. January began a quest to eat healthier, work out more constistently, and get rid of the last of this baby weight. This app has proved to be quite helpful in that quest. You input your height and weight and then your goal weight and the time frame in which you’d like to lose it. It then comes up with a calorie count per day to coincide with that goal. You log your food each day along with any exercise. It has made me much more aware of what I eat throughout the day knowing that I need to enter it into the app later. My mom, sister, and I all use this app. We screenshot our calorie count and text it to each other at the end of each day. It’s been great accountability! So if you’re working on some healthy goals this winter, download this app and then convince some friends to do the same!

SEVEN) These baby food pouches from Aldi. I make my own baby food but it’s a lot of work to bring homemade purees along when we dine out or go somewhere. These pouches are super easy to throw in the diaper bag and baby B loves them. They’re all natural, organic, and BPA free. And bonus: these are about half of what I pay at the grocery store for something similar.

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my favorite things! Enjoy your last weekend of January!

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